About Me

I am here to write about life, thoughts, experiences, lessons, illness, death, skiing, traveling, adventuring, and loving.

I currently live in Burlington, Vermont, and I’m proud to have called Boston, New York, Paris, and Lausanne my home in past years.

I have a degree in engineering physics, a certificate in architectural design, and have studied neuroscience and innovation management at the graduate level. I’m also a wilderness emergency medical technician, a certified kripalu yoga teacher, a glacial and ski mountaineer, a self-taught guitarist and songwriter. I’ve always been a writer, a devoted journal scribbler, because it’s the best way for me to process and document my experiences, thoughts and feelings. I am what one might call a “Renaissance Woman,” or one of many talents, but I really just love to learn. (But it doesn’t come without its own struggle. As with most things in life).

At the moment, I am a professional ski patroller in the winter, a practicing yogi and yoga teacher, a rock and mountain climber, a songwriter and singer, a graphic designer, a loving girlfriend, a life enthusiast. I am always reading and learning. And I am often on a new adventure.

Thanks for reading!